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Your Soul's Purpose

I have previously written about finding your soul’s purpose through your dreams. Answers to my own searching came in the form of two dreams early in my work with dreams. Before I elaborate further on my own experience, there are several things to consider when examining the personal value of such information.

Some of you may have searched for many years, as I had, to determine your purpose on this earth. Others may feel that life is fine, so are unconcerned about it. Maybe you think you have already found your purpose in life and don’t need to examine your dreams for answers. Perhaps you are happy and fulfilled in what you do. If this is your situation, I think dreams still provide a value in confirming what you already believe, and may show you how you can enlarge upon your current interests and involvements.

Others may have a job that adequately provides for needs, but there may be times when there is a feeling of emptiness or lack of fulfillment. The job pays the bills, but that is all. Perhaps you live in a beautiful house in a good neighborhood, but there is still a feeling of emptiness at times. You feel that there must be more to life. If this is your situation, I think seeking your soul’s purpose through dreams could be extremely beneficial.

Finally, people who never find anything that truly satisfying could change their entire lives by discovering their souls’ purpose. They are unhappy in their job and feel that life is without meaning. They don’t think they have a purpose or have given up on finding it. For these people, I think dreams could be their salvation. From their dreams, they could gain insights about themselves and discover why their souls are on this earth.

Your soul’s purpose is not necessarily what you think it is, if you have reflected upon it enough to identify a purpose. You may be extremely successful in some career, but your soul’s purpose may be some family challenge or other difficult relationship that you are on this earth to resolve. The very thing or person you consider a burden might relate to your soul’s purpose. The challenge presented is what you are here to understand and accept.

In my own case, I had a dream one night in which I was asking to have my soul’s purpose revealed. Suddenly, I heard a loud voice booming from the sky. The voice asked if I really wanted to know my soul’s purpose. I stammered, “yes,” somewhat fearful of the answer. I was immediately shown an image of myself engaged in a teaching activity, related to some of my past spiritual activities and current pursuits with my book and blog. In a second dream on another night, I was shown that my purpose also involved my relationship with two other individuals. Challenges were involved that I needed to understand and accept.

I believe you can find your soul’s purpose through your dreams. However, you must be sincere in your desire and willing to act upon the information. Also, do not approach your search with preconceived notions, unless you are seeking a yes or no answer for what you think is your soul’s purpose. If you are open and sincere, you will receive an answer, but it may not be what you expect or consciously desire. Your soul’s purpose is not necessarily related to a job or occupation. What you do to earn a living may not be your soul’s primary concern. You may be in this life to overcome personal limitations such as fear of expressing yourself or avoidance of responsibility.

If your soul’s purpose involves a specific activity, you can find ways to make your career compatible with it. Sometimes they can be made one and the same. However, you might have to pursue your soul’s purpose outside the hours of your employment. Sometimes people start with a hobby or volunteer activity that is their real love. It might turn into a career, but even if it doesn’t, it can provide a real sense of value and may be furthering your spiritual growth far more than your job. Of course, if you are on this earth to learn how to deal with certain personal issues, you can usually accomplish that objective in any vocation.

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