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Albert Einstein supposedly said the following: “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” However, people researching this find that he is most likely not the author. Regardless of the source, the saying does point out a very real situation in which many often find themselves. In personal relationships, some often repeat bad choices to the point of dismay on the part of family and friends. A woman who is abused by a boyfriend or husband will often have a string of past relationships just like the current one. In the beginning, she probably told her friends how this one would be different, while they patiently listened and hoped she would wake up.

I was once in a bookstore near the registers when I overheard a conversation between two young women who had a chance encounter in the store. One asked the other how she had been. The young woman, beaming all over, responded that she had recently met the perfect man. I quickly learned that she had two young children and was excited about marrying her knew love. Her friend commented by saying she was happy for her. She asked if they had set a date. The woman said that they just had one small problem to work out first. According to her, other than that things were perfect. She emphasized that the problem was quite minor. The friend asked about the small problem. She said that he didn't like her kids at all.

Usually there are warnings about situations we should avoid. Sometimes it is an uneasy feeling and other times there is just some unexplained inconsistency. The still small voice is always trying to alert us in such situations. However, we might ignore it because it does not support our conscious desires. This is when dreams can become extremely valuable. What do our dreams say about an impending choice or decision? Some concern might just be an irrational fear, but if you find a warning in your dreams that you should avoid some course of action, regardless of how much your conscious mind wants to follow that course, you need to reevaluate. The dream provides a sense of objectivity, even though it is generated by your own mind, which allows your conscious mind to look at it, as one would consider the advice from a respected adviser. Learn to use this adviser and you will avoid many situations that might not turn out well.

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