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Dreams of Food Shortages and Storms

I am somewhat reluctant to provide the following summaries of two dreams I recently experienced. As I have said many times, dreams are normally not literal. However, literal messages can occur in dreams that also serve another purpose. A dream about a violent storm or other natural disaster is often a reflection of some internal event in the life of the dreamer or someone with close emotional ties and might not be related to an actual physical event. However, an actual impending physical event might be folded into the dream by the subconscious, even if the main message of the dream relates to something else.

With the above caveat, I relate the following dreams.

On April 19, I dreamed I was talking with the leader of China. He said that in three years they were going to have a difficult time with food shortages. I saw a map of China, and he identified a spot where I took him to mean the problem would start. He didn’t give the cause of the food shortages. (This is an addition to the original post. Food does not necessarily mean physical food, but could also mean spiritual nourishment, especially with the number three.)

On April 22, I had a dream with many distinct parts. In one part, several people were discussing the level of fear over some terrible weather. Violent storms were striking South Carolina, and there was a feeling that such storms were spreading throughout the world.

I have delayed a post about these dreams because I was looking for possible interpretations of the symbols that I could relate to something in my life. Since I have not been able to make personal connections, I decided to provide the brief summaries. Also, we are approaching the hurricane season, so a violent storm hitting South Carolina is certainly conceivable.

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