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The Night Train

Several years ago, one night I dreamed I was in a train speeding along the rail as a passenger. I was aware of only two other passengers. One was a man I knew from work, and other was not someone I recognized. The two men were engaged in conversation.

The man I knew told the other man his birth date. That man responded by giving his as well. The two men appeared to know where they were going, or at least why they were on the train. The entire time they did not seem aware of my presence. I seemed to sense that they had both passed and were on their way to another reality.

Within a few days, my acquaintance passed away. He had been quite ill, but I was not aware that he was terminal. Anyhow, this dream is a type you are likely to experience yourself right before or after someone you know passes away.

When I first started my work with dreams, I attended a class at the Association for Research and Enlightenment on prayer, meditation, and dreams taught by the late Hugh Lynn Cayce, Edgar Cayce’s son. Hugh Lynn told the story of an experience he had one night after leaving a friend who wanted Hugh Lynn to go somewhere with him. Hugh Lynn said he was tired and went home and turned in for the night. Sometime during the night, he saw a hand reach down from a cloud. He heard his friend’s voice saying, repeated to the best of my memory, “Hugh Lynn, come on up here with me. It’s great here.” The next day Hugh Lynn learned that his friend was killed in an automobile accident shortly after leaving him.

Dreams of this type can take on various forms. When my mother passed, I dreamed she was leaving a small room. In the dream, she expressed relief at not being constrained anymore. Another time, I dreamed that an old woman, who was related but barely known to me, stopped a short distance above me as she floated upward. She was dressed in all black, and stopped briefly to ask me a question about someone close to both of us who concerned her. I answered and she continued on her upward path. A few days later, I learned that she had died right about the time of my dream.

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