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More About Dream Symbols

Last week I recalled two dreams that I think are good examples of how dreams demonstrate the workings of the subconscious mind through associations. Symbols are not chosen at random by the subconscious, but are chosen based on associations present in the subconscious. First, I need to provide a little background.

I recently arranged with a repair person to terminate a drain that ran along the end of my villa with a metal grid cover, which would allow water to dump into the street. The drain tubing was above ground at the termination point, and since it was next to a parking area, it was in danger of being crushed. Also, I had him do some work on a door leading into the rear of my garage.

One night I dreamed that I was in a dentist chair. The dentist was looking at a molar in the back of my mouth. For some reason he needed to move it. After checking my mouth for a little while, he said there is enough room on both sides. It shouldn’t be a problem.

The next day the repair person came over and checked the space where the drain cover needed to be placed. There wasn’t a lot of room because the pavement for the parking lot was on one side and a sprinkler on the other side. After checking it for dimensions, he said there was plenty of room.

A few nights later, I dreamed I was back in a dentist chair. This time the dentist was carefully checking a back molar. He said there was rot and he needed to dig it out. He further said I could arrange a time to get it done. I told him now was good.

The next day the repair person came back to work on the door. He said there was some rot in part of the wood frame, and he would have to dig it out before making a repair. He said he could come back and do it later. I told him to start the work now.

There are several things to note about these dreams. First, they were not literal. I recently had my teeth cleaned and checked and there was no decay or need to move teeth. The second thing to note is their relationship to events in my life. The third thing is their reflection of the next day’s events regarding the maintenance on my drain and door.

Dreams usually relate to the past day or provide a preview of key events for the next day. When interpreting your dreams, first look at the past day. And then look at your planned activities for the next day. Your dreams are about you and your life. You don’t need to search for esoteric meanings. The real meanings are usually there in plain sight.

Your subconscious mind is a vast reservoir of memories and associations. Play around with the symbols in your dreams. Let your conscious mind make associations freely, no matter how absurd. As you gain in your ability to make and recognize associations, your skill in interpreting your dreams will improve. I can’t emphasize often enough that your dreams are about you. You are the person best equipped to interpret them because only you know what a symbol might mean to you.

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