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About Dreams of Climate and Earth Changes

I think there has been enough news coverage to ensure that most people are aware we are experiencing global climate change. Even the Republicans in the U.S. Senate, who had been doubters, have now acknowledged this fact, although they don’t think that humans are the cause. Regardless of the cause, the planet is heating up and the weather has become extreme. President Obama in his seventh State of the Union speech identified climate change as today’s most significant threat to the safety of future generations. If this is true, it certainly will not be missed by our subconscious minds. We can expect changes in climate to show up in our dreams.

Previously, I have not said much about this subject in relation to dreams because I didn’t want people to focus on this to the exclusion of all of the other benefits of dreams. However, this is topic growing daily in importance; recent data indicates that the rate of ice melting in Antarctica is accelerating. I believe the effects of changes in the climate will be seen in many people’s dreams, which will include warnings for those in dangerous areas. Your dreams will almost certainly provide alarms about events that affect you directly. And they might tune into catastrophic events on the other side of the world as well, even if you are unaffected.

The most extensive and detailed dream prophecies concerning climate change that I have found are those published by Gordon-Michael Scallion. He has produced detailed maps from his dreams, which can be found on ( new website under construction). His maps show a worst-case scenario based on current scientific predictions, and the catastrophic changes predicted have not occurred within his timeline. However, I believe there is much more to the story than that of a failed prophecy. My views are presented in my book, where I discuss the nature of prophecy as well as the predictions of Gordon-Michael Scallion. I have only had a few dreams over the years that I thought dealt directly with earth changes, but these dreams were extreme and did indicate the advent of severe changes.

Based on the magnitude of the potential changes, I don’t think one can identify a safe place. Some places might pose a lesser risk than others might, but there is always some risk. A few years ago, I was reminded of this in my own life. After moving to Florida upon retirement, I still owned a condominium in Dayton, Ohio, which was damaged during a severe hailstorm. In fact, the entire complex was damaged to the point that all the roofs had to be replaced. And just prior to my retirement, a severe windstorm downed trees and power lines, leaving many without power for more than a week. The cleanup took months in some areas. During my six years in Florida, a state considered by many to be high risk, my villa has not had any damage due to storms.

For guidance on where to live, pay attention to your dreams. Safety is only one consideration; your job, sense of belonging, and contributions you can make in a particular area may be the deciding factors. Of course, the desire to be close to family can often outweigh all other considerations.

Work with your dreams daily. If you only pay attention to a dream about catastrophic climate changes, you will be in danger of misinterpreting the dream. Climate or earth changes such as earthquakes might not be literal; they are often symbolic of traumatic events in your life that have nothing to do with weather or earth changes.

Some authors of books about the Edgar Cayce readings have suggested that his predictions of major earth changes by the year 2000 might have been wrong because they were misinterpreted. The authors suggest they were not about literal events, but were symbolic of other struggles faced by humanity. In the case of Cayce’s predictions, I do not share this view, but it is a point to consider. If you are not experienced in working with your own dreams, you might well mistake symbolic events that relate to your life for literal events.

The development of proficiency in interpreting your dreams requires daily work. Like any new activity such as learning a language or becoming proficient in a sport, you have to make a regular application. If you do not, your dreams might just appear to be meaningless and confusing, and often they will be.

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