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Dreams of a Future We Cannot Change -- Example 2

This is my second example of a dream revealing a future I could not change. In this dream, which is also described in my book, a health issue is shown occurring in the future on a specific date. This is unusual because normally I do not get specific dates or times in a dream.

I watched a single drop of blood as it fell to a surface. A voice said, “In ninety days.” Suddenly, the scene changed and I was sitting in a chair in what appeared to be some type of doctor’s or surgical office. A nurse stood beside me and a doctor performed some type of procedure. Then the dream ended.

As ninety days approached, I became a bit apprehensive about what might occur. At what was exactly ninety days, I got out of bed in the morning to find the vision in my left eye quite blurred, as if some huge particles had found their way into my eye while I slept. I looked into the mirror, but could not see anything. I already had some floaters, but this was quite different. I made an appointment with my ophthalmologist, who said what I was seeing was dried blood, usually the result of a tear in the retina. He couldn’t see a tear, but quickly got me an appointment with a retina specialist, and within two hours I was seated in a chair with a nurse beside me as the doctor sealed a small tear in the retina with a laser.

After I had the dream, I thought about possible health issues, but I could not think of anything that made sense in the context of the dream. There was not any medical action I could take to prevent what was about to happen, because I didn’t know the type of condition from the information in the dream. I had regular checkups with an ophthalmologist and no problems were found in my last visit. This was a warning about a future event I could not change, so I thought the dream was preparing me psychologically. I had sufficient notice to prepare myself emotionally for something that might require surgery. The event occurred exactly as the dream showed, which is significant for at least two reasons. The amazing ability of the subconscious to understand the condition of the body was demonstrated, and the warning allowed me to prepare for an event that probably would have have elicited much greater concern, when it occurred, had I not received the warning.

Some will say that they would rather not know about events like this ahead of time, and these individuals probably will not receive a dream warning. It will be filtered out before it reaches consciousness as a remembered dream. This is an important point. It we believe that we can receive guidance through our dreams, we will have such dreams. If we believe it is not possible or don’t want to know, then the information will most likely be suppressed before it reaches our conscious self. Now there are exceptions such as a critical life-threatening situation where the subconscious will override any barriers and the dream will be recalled.

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