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Changing the Future -- Example 1

The following dream is also in my book. This dream occurred early in my work with dreams as I started to change my life. I dreamed that I was talking with a man who appeared to be an adviser. He said that I was having back problems because I was not exercising my spine. He added that if I didn’t start exercising, I would start passing out. He suggested an exercise I could easily do each day.

In reflecting on the dream, I realized that I did feel lightheaded at times, so his warning did not seem far-fetched. I was not being treated by a doctor for any specific health issues, but I lacked energy, my back was often sore, and I sometimes felt dizzy.

The dream was brief and to the point, as my health dreams often are. My dream adviser described an aspect of my probable future if I did not take the recommended action. This dream scared me, so I immediately made the change suggested. And I began to feel an improvement in a short time.

The dream was for my benefit and precipitated action on my part. If I had ignored the dream, I might well have injured myself or someone else, such as when driving during a blackout. My future might have been very different from the future I experienced as a resulting of heeding that dream advice and suggestions and warnings from many other dreams. The improved life did not happen just because I had dreams; it happened when I changed my thoughts or behavior because of my dreams. I had to take action, to do something, to change the probable future and bring about a more desirable life.

If you do not like some aspect of your life, then you must change the cause. And your dreams can help you find the cause. But that is only half the battle; the other half is making the necessary changes in your life.

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