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An Uncomfortable Truth

Today I am addressing what I consider an uncomfortable truth. I have stated in previous posts that some people do not think you should try to see the future. And many do not think it is possible, even if they think it has value. The truth is you can see the probable future, and I believe this is a problem for most people. The possibility of seeing the probable future is an uncomfortable thought. I believe most people would like to lead their lives in ignorance of the future, because the possibility of seeing it opens up an entire new array of concerns. If they can see their future, maybe they will see something bad, and that scares them. Or perhaps the future they want is not the one they see, and change is necessary to create the one they want. And we all resist change to varying degrees.

I am sure that you have known someone who reacts to bad news that really requires a response on his or her part by refusing to acknowledge it. The individual thinks that if it is ignored it will go away. I am not advocating dwelling on the negative. I am saying you must confront and deal with problems. While it may be good to be optimistic, problems must be addressed before they become crises. If you build your house on the bank of a river and there is a flood, you should not pretend that there is not a problem and ignore the flood. Yes, eventually the water will recede. But will the house and your valuables still be there?

There are two kinds of dream scenarios involving the future: dreams of future events that can be changed and dreams or visions of the future that the individual dreamer cannot change.

Dreams can show you the probable future, the likely future, if you do not take action. One key benefit of seeing the probable future is to have the opportunity to make mid-course corrections in your life. By changing your thoughts and actions, you bring the probable future into alignment with the desired future. If you do not have selfish motives and want to improve your live for the benefit of yourself and others, you will be guided to make the right changes in your life. I have known people with habits leading to bad health who are fond of saying, “whatever happens, happens. I’ll die when my time comes, so why worry about it. What I do doesn't matter.” Well, my answer, usually unexpressed, is that it might come a lot sooner than you think or want, if you don’t make some changes.

If the future you see is not something you can change, then you can prepare ourselves psychologically for what is going to happen. These dreams or visions are often of a broader nature and may involve your employer, your city, or your nation. In any case, they are likely to involve people and circumstances over which you have no control, but you might be affected personally by what happens.

From the above you can see two main benefits from seeing the probable future in your dreams. In one situation, you can make changes that will alter the probable future and allow you to experience the life you want. In the other situation, you can prepare ourselves for what is to come, and if the future event is frightening, you can mitigate that fear ahead of time.

If you decide to ignore all the dream guidance, the future events depicted will still occur, but just may not be what you wanted or are prepared to handle. And the life you live may not be the life you desire or could live. This may sound very hypothetical, so I will provide concrete examples of both types of dreams in my future posts. In this post, I am laying the groundwork and explaining why dreams of the future are important. My future examples will show how dreams of the future benefited me.

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