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A Precognitive Dream or Coincidence

Last Friday night I had the following dream. I was driving my car along the highway. The road seemed slippery, and I was using extreme caution. My main concern was to keep my speed down to stay on the pavement. I felt I was doing well, when I came to a huge, deep water hole at an intersection. I peered into the water and saw a car at the bottom. My eyes came back to the surrounding area. Then I looked into the water again and saw that there were two cars, one on top of the other. I wondered how the cars might be pulled from the water.

I thought about the dream as I was having breakfast, but I couldn’t make an obvious connection to anything happening in my life. My conclusion was that it might well be a preview of some event later in the day.

Saturday morning, as usual, I drove to an organic supermarket about ten miles from where I live. On my way home from the store, I drove very cautiously because there are a number of dangerous intersections along the main road. As I approached a major intersection, I saw flashing lights from fire trucks and an ambulance. One of the respondents waved me off to another road on the right. Before he did, I could just make out two demolished cars that had collided at the intersection.

Dreams often contain a broader view of people and events surrounding us. They are not limited to the normal time sequence and often show events from the future as part of the present. When my dream occurred, had all of this already happened in some alternate reality, and eventually took form in the physical. Or was my subconscious just operating like a very powerful and sophisticated computer, one that could make projections based on everything in my subconscious, as well as data received telepathically concerning people and events within my normal environment. Of course, some will say that this was a coincidence. If this is the case, then I have coincidences like this occurring every day of my life.

The skeptics will not be convinced of anything by this dream or the numerous other similar dreams described in my book. If you already accept precognition, this will merely be considered by you as an interesting example. If you have not yet decided, but have an open mind, I strongly suggest you record your dreams. You do not need a scientific explanation to experience visions or benefit from views of the future. Humankind benefited from fire to provide warmth and to cook food long before the chemistry involved was understood. And humans understood that objects fall when released from a height before Newton and Einstein. Unfortunately, today many scientists are still in denial despite an avalanche of data because they cannot explain what happens during paranormal activity, which seem to contradict how they think the universe works. However, progress is being made and some scientists are even beginning to sound more like mystics. I think the scientific explanation for paranormal activity will eventually be found, but in the meantime, you can benefit from your own understanding as I have done.

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