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More About Time and Dreams

I think a natural question to ask concerns the nature of the future. Does the future already exist in some sense or is the subconscious merely projecting what the future will be as if it were a sophisticated computer making predictions based on all relevant data including all telepathic communications. Is there another reality where the entire time path of our future unfolds and is just waiting to be physically realized? This seems to be the view of Seth, Jane Robert’s trance essence. I don’t find it expressed this way in the Edgar Cayce readings. However, Cayce repeatedly says, “thoughts are things,” so if the subconscious sees or has thoughts about the future, does this not give it a psychic reality.

Consider the following example. Suppose I am an architect planning a new building. As I work through the details, I will have various sketches and drawings with measurements, culminating in a picture of the finished product. Now the building does not exist yet in the physical world, but everything is worked out for how the final product will look. Now if I think of my subconscious as the architect and the finished building as the future I have planned, the future has a certain type of reality. However, I think it is more than that. The plan formulated or the future has a strong propensity to try to become physical, and becomes physical unless the plan is changed. So the future seen by the subconscious seems to be more that a logical prediction; it seems to be an alive energy that tries to find expression. You can see this for yourself in your dreams. If I dream I am going to encounter a certain event the next day, this event as a mere logical prediction would suggest that awareness of the prediction from the dream would enable me to easily prevent the event from taking place. However, this does not appear to be the case. I have repeatedly found that such an event seems to have an energy like a vortex that tries to carry it into physical expression, and it requires considerable awareness and effort on my part to prevent it from occurring if I consider it something undesirable. There is a sense of being pulled into that future despite my best efforts. You must experience this for yourself to fully appreciate what I am saying.

What I am suggesting is that the future may actually exist in a non-physical form, and that future will be experienced as my life unless I change that profile to something else. And the way I change it is through the re-patterning of my thoughts to create a different plan on the subconscious level. But first I have to understand what my current plan is, what the finished product or future will be if I make no substantive changes in my conscious thinking. My dreams will tell me if I am on a positive, constructive path or one that will result in a life of hardship and disappointment. My seeing through my dreams gives me an opportunity to create the future I want and not one that I have unknowingly created that is less than what I desire.

Here we find an important value of dreams, because our dreams will show us the future we will experience based on what we have created in our subconscious. And what we have created is built based on our daily thoughts and actions. Our dreams give us an opportunity to change our probable future, if we find it undesirable, and help us build the future consistent with our highest ideals. On a practical level, it may not matter if the probable future exists on another level or is a logical deduction.

In my next post, I will describe some fascinating experiments conducted in several countries over the last few decades. These experiments strongly suggest the existence of precognition and are quite puzzling to the scientific community, many of whom would like another explanation.

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