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Dream Symbols and Precognitive Dreams

In my last post, I gave an example of how a message can be “hidden” in a word. I would not consider it an anagram because the order of the letters does not need to be rearranged. You might say the message is hidden in plain sight. In my years of work with dreams, I have often seen this type of construction or method used by the subconscious to convey a message. You might think, why isn’t the message just stated in the dream? As I have said before, the subconscious operates through associations. It found a word that it associated with the message and incorporated it into the dream. Also, I think the subconscious has another purpose as well. We learn and grow by exercising our consciousness, by meeting challenges and overcoming them. As parents, we do not just tell our children what do for every decision they must make. They have to exercise their minds and meet challenges for themselves. This is how they prepare themselves to become adults.

If you are advised in a dream to see a certain person, such as a doctor for a disease, or travel to a certain location, examine carefully the name. The name may actually provide the answer you are seeking. I once dreamed that someone close to me should see a doctor whose name included the word burn. The person saw a doctor and, the problem was correctly treated by cauterizing or burning an area of the skin.

Dreams can be very creative in their construction of messages. They have every thought you have ever entertained, every person you have known, and every place you have visited at their disposal. If you have not done so, look at the dream on my website that is given as a potentially precognitive dream concerning an egg yolk.

I recently dreamed that I was with a dentist. He examined my mouth and said there is a fine crack at the bottom of the front teeth. I couldn’t see it, so he pointed to the area. He said it extends all the way across and up and could be a real problem. Now keep in mind what I have said about dreams rarely being literal. Also, I recently had a full set of x-rays and a cleaning, and no problems were found. With that in mind, I looked for another meaning. I thought that something at an opening is developing a crack. I wasn’t aware of any cracks or leaks in anything in my condominium, but the answer soon came from another location. This dream also indicates how my dreams reflect the next day as described in detail in my book. I was in the process of closing on the sale of a condominium I owned in another state. My dream occurred on a Thursday night, and the closing was on Friday at 4:30 pm. I did not have to be at the closing. It was straightforward and I expected it to go without any problems. Around 2:00 pm, I received a call from the man who owns the unit below mine, which was on the second floor. He said water was pouring from his ceiling in a closet. After many calls, much chaos, and the work of a plumber the following week, a leak was found between the walls in a pipe that serviced my unit. It was a fine crack like in the dream, and did become a real problem.

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