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Discovering Your Soul's Purpose Through Dreams

You can discover your soul’s purpose through your dreams. Some of you, as I did, may have questioned why you are here. You may have asked yourself, what is my purpose in being on this earth? What am I supposed to do? The answer may not be simple and may involve your family members, friends, and occupation, as well as how you view life and deal with challenges in your life. So don’t expect a single dream to give you the answer. You may have several dreams with a bearing on what you came here to accomplish.

In my case, I had several past life dreams that had a direct bearing on my current life. They provided insight into my personality and interaction with other people and events. They explained why I had certain issues in my earlier years that are described in detail in The Man Who Sees Tomorrow in His Dreams. As such, they showed me the lessons I needed to learn and challenges to overcome. My purpose also involved other people, and one dream in particular showed me how I should view my interaction with these individuals. Finally, I had a single dream in which a loud voice said, “Do you really want to know your purpose?” I answered yes in the dream, and I was immediately shown an image of myself performing a certain task. I now had the answer concerning another aspect of my life’s work.

All of the dreams mentioned occurred early in my work with dreams. They provided the answers and meaning I sought for my life. Any of you can receive the same help, but you must really want to know. And you must be willing to accept the answers that you receive. They may not correspond to what your ego thinks or expects, and may even make you uncomfortable, especially if you are on the wrong path. You may discover you are in the wrong occupation, or at least are not properly utilizing important talents and abilities. You may find that the people who you think are a curse were chosen by you for interaction in this life to work out issues from past lives. No one else can provide the answers for you; the life you live is yours and only you can uncover your true destiny. I only point out that the tools are there and the answers can be found. However, only you can decide if it is important enough for you to persevere in uncovering the wisdom found in your dreams.

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