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Comments on the Value of Dreams

I am going to discuss finding your soul’s purpose through dreams. However, before doing that, I would like to make some general comments concerning the value of dreams. One of the motivating factors in my decision to write my book was my observation of the incredible misery that I saw every day, much of which could have been avoided if people were in touch with their inner self. Through our accepted five senses, we experience the material world in a variety of ways, but this does not provide the complete picture. To see the complete picture we need to listen to our inner self, which is revealed through intuition, dreams, and visions. If we cut ourselves off from this aspect of ourselves, we live incomplete, limited lives. This has been realized by many throughout history, and the work of Carl Jung made clear the importance of dreams in particular.

I am amazed that many people who have a religious orientation may pray to God for help, for answers, which a crisis arises, but never think about how they will receive the answer. They never think to turn to their dreams for an answer, despite the fact that God often spoke to man through dreams in the bible. Of course, meditation is another way to receive an answer, but that is often neglected as well. We are good at talking, but not so good at listening.

I have found that the answers are there for every problem, if we learn how to listen. My own struggles of how I learned to listen are described in my book. Although often implemented imperfectly, I still received tremendous benefit in my life in the way of better health, career satisfaction, financial independence, solutions to daily problems, as well as direction from several clear dreams dealing with my soul’s purpose. I know exactly why I am here and what I need to do. I find it painful to see people in turmoil when I believe the answers they seek are easily within their reach. They are often willing to stand in line for days to get the latest iPhone or bargain during black Friday, but not willing to read a book or spend a small amount of time each day reflecting on their dreams, which could end their turmoil and provide a sense of direction. They are obsessed by the material: clothing, gadgets, and technology, and only look outward when the answers are found by looking inward.

We live in an age of instant gratification. When people do think about guidance from dreams, they usually want a dream to simply give them all the answers, and then be done with it so they can do something else. The discovery of oneself is a lifelong process and cannot be achieved through a single dream as spiritual fast food.

In my next posting, I will deal more explicitly with dreams of your soul’s purpose. For now, let me just say I believe to find your soul’s purpose through your dreams you have to be sincere in your desire to find it. You can’t dabble with a dream from time to time and expect to get the answers to the reasons for your very existence on this earth. And you must be willing to act upon the guidance you receive.

I hope to get back to some regular postings of a few times a week.

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