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Remembering Dreams

Dream study was natural for me because I remembered dreams even as a young child. During my years growing up, I was always aware of my dreams, but an attempt to uncover their meaning did not come until I was out of college. However, when I was ready, the dreams were there and I just needed to record and examine them. You may well say, “That is fine for you, but I don’t remember any dreams.” I understand your dilemma and offer some suggestions that I believe will help.

The real key to remembering dreams is the desire to remember them. You must want to remember them and be serious about deciphering their messages. You can’t just dabble with an occasional dream that you find interesting. Working with dreams is a process that involves more than a halfhearted attempt to remember one. If you are serious about working with and learning from your dreams, you should do the following. Before falling asleep and as you gradually drift off, repeatedly tell yourself that you will remember your dreams. In whatever words or form you find most comfortable, establish that message to your subconscious as a fact. Keep a notebook or recorder by your bedside for recording your dreams upon awakening. This also further establishes your seriousness about remembering your dreams. Some have even suggested drinking water before going to bed. Getting up during the night to use the bathroom will increase the chances that you awaken during a dream cycle. However, the key is intent. You must want to remember your dreams. If you are afraid that they will frighten you, you are likely to inhibit their recall. Or if you are only mildly interested, your ability to remember them is likely to suffer.

Do not become discouraged if you do not remember any dreams after trying my suggestions the first time. The message must be registered on your subconscious and it may be several days before you achieve success. Be persistent each night before falling asleep, and you will eventually be successful.

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