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More on Remembering Dreams

As you begin to remember dreams upon awakening, focus on the dreams before getting up. Make sure the details are firmly set in your memory before moving around. Otherwise, you will discover just how fleeting dreams can be. The simple act of getting out of bed can result in the loss of the dreams if you haven’t made an effort to commit them to memory. In this regard, I find trigger words can be helpful, particularly if you don’t want to record the entire dream when you awaken in the middle of the night. Sometimes the recall of a single word associated with the dream will bring the entire dream back into conscious memory.

Your dream cycles can be affected by your sleep patterns. Try to get into a regular sleep pattern that provides an adequate amount of sleep. Also, the importance of daily meditation cannot be overstated. Regular periods of meditation will bring peace and harmony into your nighttime sleep and dreams, as well as your conscious life. Meditation opens the channels for guidance and makes clear your intent to your subconscious. Spiritual dreams and visions, in particular, seemed to increase in frequency and clarity when I started meditating regularly, an experience shared by others on a similar path.

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