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Guidance through Meditation and Dreams

Are you unhappy or do you feel unfulfilled in your job or personal life?

As you face your daily struggles, do you often think there must be a better way?

Do you wish you could find what your true purpose is in life?

Would you like to receive concrete guidance for improving your life?

If your answer is yes to any of the above, the approach utilizing meditation and dreams I describe through this blog may provide the help you are seeking.

Meditation in some form now seems to be understood as beneficial by many people, including the scientific community. But why should we care about dreams? Mankind has certainly always been aware of dreams, and we find significant dreams in the bible. Many books have been published about dreams and dreaming, and psychotherapists often explore the patient’s dreams to obtain a better understanding of the patient. All kinds of theories have evolved about the meaning and significance of dreams, but few people actually incorporate the meaning of their dreams into their daily life. They may for a short time reflect on a strange or upsetting dream, but it is considered a novelty and not of any real significance. I believe this is a major misunderstanding. The great psychic Edgar Cayce said that not enough attention was given to the meaning of dreams and their significance in our lives. Seth, Jane Robert’s trance essence, pointed to dreams as not only significant, but the workshop where we build the events of the next day.

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