Dreams and Intuition for Guidance

July 2, 2014

From The Man Who Sees Tomorrow in His Dreams:


"I found that dreams are a powerful source of help in solving problems. The subconscious has more resources than the conscious mind, along with a seemingly perfect memory and deductive capability. For maximum benefit, I proceeded in the following way. I began by working at solving the problem with my conscious reasoning mind. If research was required, I did the homework. After I had exhausted my conscious resources, I asked for help from a dream before falling asleep. I tried to be specific; if I had arrived at a conclusion or answer, I asked for confirmation. If I couldn’t find a solution, I asked for an answer that was in harmony with what was best for everyone involved.


Similar help can also be obtained directly through prayer and meditation, especially when faced with a yes/no situation. Cayce suggested the following approach (Edgar Cayce Reading 2072-14). Reach an answer through your conscious efforts. Take the question into meditation, and listen for an answer. If you have reached the right conclusion, the answers should agree. I have successfully used both approaches for solving a variety of problems."

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