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Dreams and the Stock Market Plunge

In an earlier post, I indicated that I am reluctant to relate dreams that I have had which deal with the stock market. I do not want to be responsible for someone else’s financial decisions. I am not a financial planner. Also, my dreams that convey messages about the markets are experienced by me to address my concerns at a given moment in time. They may not literally be about the stock market. In any case, they may be of little use to someone else and can even be misleading. Your answers to concerns you may have need to come from your own dreams. The main emphasis of my posts has been to encourage you to get help from your dreams and show you how to proceed. The objective is not to show you

A Matter of Faith

The subtitle of my memoir The Man Who Sees Tomorrow in His Dreams is With Faith, So Can You. This is not just an afterthought; it is essential to everything I say you can achieve through dreams. First, let’s examine the word faith. The dictionary usually defines it as a strong belief in something without having concrete proof. Now the lack of proof, which scientists require, is what causes some to consider those of faith as weak-minded hoping for something that doesn’t exist. I think this is a misconception of how faith works. There are laws of cause and effect that govern the universe in which we live. They form the very foundation of physical existence. The concept of causality goes back t

A Dream About Edgar Cayce and Climate Change

Last night I dreamed about Edgar Cayce and climate change. In the dream, I was viewing a large chart of some kind describing distinct periods in the history of the earth. There was also some mention of Edgar Cayce and his prophecies concerning earth changes. My attention focused on what was labeled period 6. This period was concerned with the present and near future. An inner voice told me that the weather would get much worse during the next 10-15 years. It said that some current landmasses would be under water due to flooding. I saw the year 2030 as the end of this period. We have already recently seen a climatologist report telling us to expect severe weather this coming winter in many pa

Sex Dreams

Sex is a subject that many associate with dreaming due to the Freudian view that dreams represent our repressed drives and desires. A good source for the basics, particularly for teenagers experiencing wet dreams, is WebMD. This site also references a study in which 8% of the adults had dreams with some sexual content. However, one should accept these results with caution since the average age was about thirty, so the group was not representative of the broader population. The 8% of dreams with some sexual content, which includes kissing, intercourse, and masturbation, might be lower than many people expect. With the enormous focus on sex in our everyday lives, from news to entertainment, 8%

Update to Dreams About Food Shortages and Storms

In my post of 5/07/2015, I said that on April 22, 2015 I dreamed about storms hitting South Carolina. There was also a feeling of huge amounts of water in the dream due to continuous rain. Recently, we have seen record amounts of water in the Tampa Bay area due to continuous storms from the Gulf of Mexico. Fortunately, the area where I live has not experienced any flooding. I do not live in a flood zone, something I checked out carefully before I bought, and the area appears to be safe. However, this is not true of many areas. I watched an interview with the Mayor of Tampa on the local news during which he discussed problems in South Tampa, which has seen severe flooding with many roads and

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