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I Am Who I Am

We sometimes hear someone make the comment: I am who I am, or I am what I am, or it is just the way I am. This often occurs after the person has received criticism for some statement or action. I am not referring to LGBT. This post is dealing with something else. The subject here is any individual who may occasionally justify certain characteristics or behavior with one of the three responses about his or her identity that is not related to sexual preference. This begs the question: Who am I? People have investigated this question for thousands of years, and religions believe they have the answer. Some scientists too have concluded that they have the answer, which is often dramatically diffe

Literal Dreams

I have mentioned literal dreams in several of my posts, but only in connection with some other topic. In this post, I focus entirely on literal dreams. First, let me define what I mean by a literal dream. I consider a literal dream one in which the story or message is literal. If you dream that you meet someone and have an unusual conversation, the dream would be literal if this meeting and conversation actually occurs just like in the dream. Suppose you have a friend or a family member who has just been diagnosed with a serious disease like cancer. This individual meets with you or calls you to tell you the diagnosis. If you dream about this event as it actually occurs, the dream would be l

A Potentially Cataclysmic Event

There is an article in the July, 2015 issue of The New Yorker called The Really Big One by Kathryn Schulz that caused me to reflect on a dream from many years ago. The article is about a seismologist’s view that there is a significant probability of a major quake in the Pacific Northwest within the next 50 years. The area is in the Ring of Fire, and the Cascadia fault zone is off the coast of the Pacific Northwest. Scientists know that earthquakes in certain regions where there are fault zones tend to repeat with a known cycle, which is independent of current climate changes, and they have discovered that this is one of those regions. The projections are not due to some prophet calling for d


Yesterday there was a headline article on CNN about former POW Jessica Lynch. She describes for CNN her life the past twelve years and the challenges she has had to face. Now traveling and speaking to groups as a motivational speaker, she acknowledges that for twelve years she failed to seek help for her mental health. Apparently, this year she has changed her mind and is now getting professional help. The reason this story caught my attention is her assertion that she has had the same nightmare for the last twelve years. Apparently, this is not uncommon for those suffering from PTSD as the result of combat or some other traumatic, life-changing event. In her case, the nightmare is a replay

Three Recent Precognitive Dreams

A week and a half ago, I had an interesting dream that is typical of many of my dreams that reflect the highlights of the next day. In the dream, I was talking with someone about a two-dimensional barcode. Data was being encoded in the barcode in a strange way. As the string of numbers was parsed, the representation of each digit was placed in the barcode on a certain row and column with no order structure apparent. The other person in the dream asked me if I understood how it worked. I said I did, and I told him someone just needed to write a program that did a table lookup to determine where to place the digit in the barcode based on the table. The table was key to the placement of data in

Paranormal Abilities in Dreams

In dreams, you can experience abilities of the soul that are not obvious in daily waking life. Telepathy, clairvoyance, and astral projection are the best known of these abilities. First, I will describe what I mean by each of these. By telepathy, I mean the communication of one mind to another through a means other than the physical senses. Some may think that this automatically means that someone with telepathic powers can read minds, such as the main character Toby Logan in the TV show The Listener. This is not normally the case. However, there may be times when you suddenly “hear” someone say something to you or about you when no words were spoken. I give an example of this in my book in

Edgar Cayce and Levels of Dreaming

My own introduction to the meaning of dreams came through an Edgar Cayce study group. This was followed by a weeklong course on prayer, meditation, and dreams taught by the late Hugh Lynn Cayce, son of Edgar Cayce, and Dr. Herbert Puryear, a psychologist on the staff at the Association for Research and Enlightenment. After my education on the Cayce approach, I read many books on dreams written by psychologists, which included some of the then current theories about dreams. There were many areas of agreement within the different sources, but the thing that attracted me to the Cayce approach was the spiritual dimension, which was missing in most of the scientific theories. This was not the cas

Dreams Set the Mood

Dreams often set the mood for the day. I have been waiting for some good examples from my own dreams, and I think last night’s dreams provide them. My dreams all showed that today was going to be a challenging day. They did not indicate a major crisis would occur, but did leave me with an apprehensive feeling upon awakening. And as always, they accurately reflected how the day would go. You also have probably awakened some days with a general feeling of discomfort. You may have had sufficient sleep, but still feel out of sorts. You drag yourself out of bed and wonder why you feel lousy when you felt fine the night before. The answer is that sleep is not a period of inactivity; your mind is s

Treat Your Sources with Caution

The world of information is quite different today from when I was growing up. If I wanted information on a topic, I had to depend upon often-outdated articles in an encyclopedia and limited resources at the local library. Now in seconds articles can be found using a search engine such as Google. Resources like this make my job as a writer much easier, but there is a risk associated with the explosion of easily accessible information. Not all articles are accurate; many are misleading at best and completely wrong at worst. There is no certification or licensing for the author of the article. Anyone can create a blog or a website and begin to pontificate his or her views on a subject or the st

Reassurance from Dreams

Your dreams do not just focus on problem areas of your life. There are times, especially after a series of dreams dealing with some character deficiency or inappropriate behavior, when you may feel that you are hopeless and can never be OK. However, dreams do not just tear down; there is also a building process. When you are on the right path, you will receive strong reassurances from your dreams. Indications that you are moving in a positive direction can occur in a variety of ways. In a dream, you may have just made a right turn onto a highway. For spiritual progress, you may find yourself in a plane that has just lifted off, or are swimming effortlessly in a pool. One time, when I achieve

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