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Dreams and Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

The American psychologist Abraham Maslow proposed a theory of human motivation in a 1943 paper published in Psychological Review. In it, he presented a hierarchy of needs, which became a popular concept often depicted in the form of a pyramid with basic safety needs at the bottom and self-actualization at the top. His hierarchy of needs has found its way into business courses as well as courses in psychology, which is where I first encountered it. A quick Google search will give you all the basics concerning this theory. I find that the concept of human needs presented in the form of a pyramid is very useful in connection with dreams as well as the conscious waking state. Our dreams reflect

Fear of Dreams

I think that the fear of dreams and the messages they contain is one of the main reasons most people ignore their dreams. People exhibit what is commonly called the ostrich syndrome. They think if they ignore their dreams and mentally stick their heads in the sand, they won’t have to deal with the issues they reveal. They fear bad news and think if they ignore their dreams any bad news will just go away. Occasionally, a dream will be remembered due to its intensity. If it is a nightmare, it may leave the dreamer terrified of having further nightmares. The dreamer then tries hard to suppress any further dreams and worries that evil from the subconscious might spilling into the waking state. E

The Hard Way or The Easy Way

A number of years ago, I was at a metaphysical fair near Columbus, Ohio. As I stood by a booth, a young woman who approached the booth asked me what I did. I told her that I worked with dreams as one metaphysical activity. She snorted in derision: “Dreams, nobody cares about dreams.” I politely asked her what she did. She said she was waiting to have a reading, and went on to extol the amazing abilities of the psychic with whom she had scheduled a reading. I think I can safely say that this young woman viewed dreams as nebulous and too much work to be worth her time and effort. She wanted answers now and believed she could get them from the psychic or intuitive, as some like to be called. Th

Common Dream Themes and Posts

In researching lists of common dream themes from various sources, I find that the following are usually on the list of the top ten. - Being chased - Falling - Flying - Failing an exam - Being late - Displaying nudity - Having problems with teeth Various studies have been done at universities where there is a captive audience to determine the frequency of occurrence of various dream themes. The common themes appear to be cross-cultural, although particular symbols will vary across cultures. In my own case, I commonly find myself in the environment of a university or the place where I was employed for over thirty-five years. This is not surprising when I consider that I was a full-time student

An Enlightening Encounter on an Airplane and One's Desires, Soul's Purpose, and Dreams

Many years ago, I sat on a plane that that was scheduled to make a long flight to my final destination. I had already spent considerable time on planes that day and was not looking forward to the final leg of my trip. As I stared at the few remaining passengers looking for their seats just before takeoff, I noticed an attractive young woman coming down the aisle. I was seated in an aisle seat, and the window seat next to me was vacant. I silently prayed, please God, let this seat next to me be hers. I was quite pleased when she continued on to the seat beside me. Having an attractive woman in the seat next to me offered the prospect of a pleasant flight. However, I soon learned that we often

A Famous Quote

Albert Einstein supposedly said the following: “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” However, people researching this find that he is most likely not the author. Regardless of the source, the saying does point out a very real situation in which many often find themselves. In personal relationships, some often repeat bad choices to the point of dismay on the part of family and friends. A woman who is abused by a boyfriend or husband will often have a string of past relationships just like the current one. In the beginning, she probably told her friends how this one would be different, while they patiently listened and hoped she would wake up.

Dreams of Food Shortages and Storms

I am somewhat reluctant to provide the following summaries of two dreams I recently experienced. As I have said many times, dreams are normally not literal. However, literal messages can occur in dreams that also serve another purpose. A dream about a violent storm or other natural disaster is often a reflection of some internal event in the life of the dreamer or someone with close emotional ties and might not be related to an actual physical event. However, an actual impending physical event might be folded into the dream by the subconscious, even if the main message of the dream relates to something else. With the above caveat, I relate the following dreams. On April 19, I dreamed I was t

The Night Train

Several years ago, one night I dreamed I was in a train speeding along the rail as a passenger. I was aware of only two other passengers. One was a man I knew from work, and other was not someone I recognized. The two men were engaged in conversation. The man I knew told the other man his birth date. That man responded by giving his as well. The two men appeared to know where they were going, or at least why they were on the train. The entire time they did not seem aware of my presence. I seemed to sense that they had both passed and were on their way to another reality. Within a few days, my acquaintance passed away. He had been quite ill, but I was not aware that he was terminal. Anyhow, t

Pascal's Wager

The famous seventeenth-century mathematician and philosopher Blaise Pascal described a wager found in some of his papers published posthumously. These papers are called his “Thoughts” and include a description of a wager that he says a rational man must accept. The wager concerns the existence of God and our belief or nonbelief in that existence. Simplistically, he looks at the question as a wager. If God exists, he assumes that belief can result in unlimited gain. If God does not exist, we will have only suffered a finite loss, due to giving up certain things. However, if God exists and we do not believe, we have suffered an unlimited loss. If God does not exist and we do not believe, we ha

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