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About Dreams of Climate and Earth Changes

I think there has been enough news coverage to ensure that most people are aware we are experiencing global climate change. Even the Republicans in the U.S. Senate, who had been doubters, have now acknowledged this fact, although they don’t think that humans are the cause. Regardless of the cause, the planet is heating up and the weather has become extreme. President Obama in his seventh State of the Union speech identified climate change as today’s most significant threat to the safety of future generations. If this is true, it certainly will not be missed by our subconscious minds. We can expect changes in climate to show up in our dreams. Previously, I have not said much about this subj

The Chestnut Tree

When I was a young boy in elementary school, an event occurred each fall that I eagerly anticipated. A large chestnut tree grew in the front yard of a house I passed each day on my way to and from school. Each year as the cold weather approached, the chestnuts would begin to fall from the tree. The yard was fenced, so many landed in an inaccessible area. The ones that fell outside the fence were quickly grabbed by the children in the neighborhood who, like myself, considered the nuts to be of great value. This was the only chestnut tree in the area and the competition for the nuts soon got out of hand. The owner of the house, a large, taciturn woman, became somewhat irritated by all the comm

People We Encounter in Dreams of Tomorrow

We constantly meet people in our dreams. Sometimes they are people we know, and other times they are people with whom we have only minimal contact or no contact at all. Why does a particular individual appear in a dream? I can best answer this by providing a concrete example. I have claimed that my dreams preview the next day’s activities and encounters (the subject of my book), so the following example will answer the question of why a particular person appears in a dream and shed some light on how precognitive dreams occur. A few weeks ago, I dreamed that I encountered Pope Francis in a dream. We talked for a while, and he laughed and was quite amicable. There was a bit more to the dream,

Dreams and Food

I have written about dreams and diet before, but I think a follow-up is in order considering some recent revelations. Earlier this year, several lawsuits were filed against major retailers over store-brand herbal supplements that reputedly did not contain the ingredients listed. Apparently, a large percentage did not have any of the herbal ingredients advertised ( Obviously, this will have to play out in the courts. About the same time, McDonald’s, in response to a new surge of stories on the Internet, again reported that in 2011 it had dropped the use of ‘pink slime’, which contains ammonium hydroxi

Prophetic Dream of an Encounter

About twenty years ago, I sometimes had lunch at a restaurant that offered a salad bar. Normally I would go there on a Friday. One Thursday night or early Friday morning, I had the following dream. I was in a restaurant and I saw a young woman clearing a table. In the dream, her face radiated light with a total glow around her face and head. I spoke to her in the dream, but upon awakening, I couldn’t recall the conversation. I thought the dream a bit odd, but by now had enough experience interpreting my dreams to realize it could well foretell an encounter somewhere on Thursday. On Friday, I decided to go to the restaurant I normally frequented, not because of the dream, but more out of rout

Dreams of a Future We Cannot Change -- Example 2

This is my second example of a dream revealing a future I could not change. In this dream, which is also described in my book, a health issue is shown occurring in the future on a specific date. This is unusual because normally I do not get specific dates or times in a dream. I watched a single drop of blood as it fell to a surface. A voice said, “In ninety days.” Suddenly, the scene changed and I was sitting in a chair in what appeared to be some type of doctor’s or surgical office. A nurse stood beside me and a doctor performed some type of procedure. Then the dream ended. As ninety days approached, I became a bit apprehensive about what might occur. At what was exactly ninety days, I got

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