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Dreams and the Two Aspects of Mind

Humans seem to have two aspects to their minds or two ways to process information: logically through conscious reasoning and intuitively through feelings or flashes of awareness from the subconscious. Some people strongly favor one method over the other. Those who are grounded in logic and reason often scoff at the intuitive and think reliance on feelings or psychic flashes is nonsense, only accepted by the gullible. And those who rely on the intuitive sometimes have a tendency to think that being logical and relying on conscious reasoning is somehow inferior. Both aspects of the mind have their place and are necessary. The conscious mind and use of logic and reason allows us to experience a

Changing the Future -- Example 1

The following dream is also in my book. This dream occurred early in my work with dreams as I started to change my life. I dreamed that I was talking with a man who appeared to be an adviser. He said that I was having back problems because I was not exercising my spine. He added that if I didn’t start exercising, I would start passing out. He suggested an exercise I could easily do each day. In reflecting on the dream, I realized that I did feel lightheaded at times, so his warning did not seem far-fetched. I was not being treated by a doctor for any specific health issues, but I lacked energy, my back was often sore, and I sometimes felt dizzy. The dream was brief and to the point, as my he

An Uncomfortable Truth

Today I am addressing what I consider an uncomfortable truth. I have stated in previous posts that some people do not think you should try to see the future. And many do not think it is possible, even if they think it has value. The truth is you can see the probable future, and I believe this is a problem for most people. The possibility of seeing the probable future is an uncomfortable thought. I believe most people would like to lead their lives in ignorance of the future, because the possibility of seeing it opens up an entire new array of concerns. If they can see their future, maybe they will see something bad, and that scares them. Or perhaps the future they want is not the one they se

A Precognitive Dream or Coincidence

Last Friday night I had the following dream. I was driving my car along the highway. The road seemed slippery, and I was using extreme caution. My main concern was to keep my speed down to stay on the pavement. I felt I was doing well, when I came to a huge, deep water hole at an intersection. I peered into the water and saw a car at the bottom. My eyes came back to the surrounding area. Then I looked into the water again and saw that there were two cars, one on top of the other. I wondered how the cars might be pulled from the water. I thought about the dream as I was having breakfast, but I couldn’t make an obvious connection to anything happening in my life. My conclusion was that it migh

Science, Precognition, and Dreams

Over the past several decades, experiments have been conducted in several countries with results that suggest the demonstration of precognition. The gist of these experiments is as follows. Individuals as test subjects are shown pictures that provoke a strong emotional response and neutral pictures that don’t provoke a response. As might be expected, there is a definite difference in physiological activity when these pictures are viewed and the two classes of pictures can be characterized by two decidedly different profiles: one shows activation of the sympathetic nervous system and the other shows inactivity. See

More About Time and Dreams

I think a natural question to ask concerns the nature of the future. Does the future already exist in some sense or is the subconscious merely projecting what the future will be as if it were a sophisticated computer making predictions based on all relevant data including all telepathic communications. Is there another reality where the entire time path of our future unfolds and is just waiting to be physically realized? This seems to be the view of Seth, Jane Robert’s trance essence. I don’t find it expressed this way in the Edgar Cayce readings. However, Cayce repeatedly says, “thoughts are things,” so if the subconscious sees or has thoughts about the future, does this not give it a psych

The Nature of Time -- Physical Time

Until the early 20th century and the publication of Einstein’s special theory of relativity, scientists believed that time was absolute and the events in the universe all ran as if the universe were a giant clock. Time was considered absolute. The measurement of the duration of events would be the same for everyone. Thanks to Einstein, we now know this is not the case. Scientific time is more subjective than previously thought. Two observers in motion relative to each other can obtain two different measurements for the duration of the same event. And what is occurring in the present for one observer may be occurring in the past or future for another observer. Scientists now view an event in

The Nature of Time -- Psychological Time

We are now in a new year and I am going to focus the content of my posts on the nature of time and the type of dreams that Edgar Cayce called visions. The title of my book (The Man Who Sees Tomorrow in His Dreams) clearly suggests that I believe we can see the future in our dreams. However, before I discuss visions, I need to provide some background so there is no confusion about what I mean when I write about time and the future. There are really two main aspects or approaches to time: psychological time and physical or scientific time. In this post, I am focusing on psychological time. By psychological time I mean a person’s sense of the duration of an event. This is very subjective and ap

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