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Caveats Concerning Dream Interpretation

Here are some caveats concerning the interpretation of your dreams. I have mentioned several times that dreams are usually not literal, with some exceptions such as telephone dreams in which literal messages are given. There is a natural tendency to interpret some elements such as common symbols like a car or house in a literal way when they appear in a dream. This can lead to misinterpretations that can have negative consequences. Suppose you dream that the stock market is going to crash, so you immediately sell your stocks. Although it could be a literal warning, the dream may have nothing to do with your stocks. Instead, it may involve some other aspect of your life where a crash or sever

A Cryptic Dream and Expanded Awareness

Last Saturday night I had a cryptic dream about a past president. In the dream, I was talking with a President of the United States. It was not Barack Obama, but seemed to be George W. Bush. I told him that I now knew his secrets. There wasn’t much more to the dream. He listened but did not respond to me. This dream is interesting for two reasons. It demonstrates an expanded awareness, which I will explain, and possibly has a meaning on more than one level. This dream incorporates something from the next day that I have witnessed on numerous occasions – elements from a TV program or movie not yet seen. Sunday morning I thought about the dream as I had breakfast and began some chores. I could

Recalling Dreams and Meditation

In my postings, I have written about some of the things we can do to improve dream recall and the quality of our dreams. These include the following: proper amount of sleep, avoidance of strong drugs, maintaining a good diet free of junk foods, and regular daily meditation. The proper amount of sleep will vary from individual to individual, but you should feel refreshed when you start the day. Too little or too much sleep can be detrimental and will affect your sense of well-being and your dreams. Strong drugs can adversely affect your body chemistry and result in nightmares or dreams depicting a strong imbalance, as can certain foods. I am not talking about drugs prescribed for a serious me

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