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Dreams as a Call to Action

There are many types of dreams and even more themes within a specific type. However, most dreams seem to be problem solving and relate directly to our daily lives. In the previous post, I mentioned some of the themes one might encounter such as taking a wrong turn off a highway or failing a class. These dreams are about actions we are taking or failing to take in our everyday experiences. These dreams are a call to action. They are telling us that we need to take action in some area of our lives or that we need to change the action we have taken and replace it with a new action. The area of concern might relate to the job, family, or personal issue such as health. As an example, suppose you

A Boxer's Dream

An interesting video on Yahoo Sports was highlighted yesterday. During a recent interview on In Depth with Graham Bensinger, the boxer Manuel Pacquiao revealed he had a dream one week before his fight with Juan Manual Márquez in 2012 that he would be KO’d. Now I am not a fan of boxing, but this video caught my attention for obvious reasons. The interview is worth a look. People in all occupations have such dreams that are usually only remembered when something dramatic happens in the dream. In the case of Pacquiao, probably few things could be more dramatic and important to him at that time than the outcome of a major fight. For most people, views of the future pass unnoticed because the dre

Dream Building Blocks

There are several building blocks in the construction of a dream. Most dreams have an environment – the location and surroundings where they take place. The items observed in the dreams can be highly symbolic, such as a house or room in which you find yourself or automobile that you are observing or driving. Remember that the subconscious operates through associations and the objects you encounter should be considered in that light. If you find yourself in a kitchen, the obvious association is food and the preparation of meals. And since dreams primarily deal with our daily activities and problems, you should examine your diet and the state of your physical health as it relates to what you e

People in Dreams as Symbols

Symbols in dreams are not just messages encoded in words or physical objects like automobiles or houses. People you meet in a dream can also be symbolic, often representing someone else whose qualities are like the person in the dream in a pronounced way. Some authors say that the people we meet in dreams are all aspects of ourselves. While this can be the case for some of the people in our dreams, it by no means is true for all of the characters we encounter. Consider the following dream I had in which I met a female co-worker from many years ago. It was a brief encounter, and she smiled as we passed by each other. Now I have stated in my book that my dreams foreshadow the next day’s events

Dream Symbols and Precognitive Dreams

In my last post, I gave an example of how a message can be “hidden” in a word. I would not consider it an anagram because the order of the letters does not need to be rearranged. You might say the message is hidden in plain sight. In my years of work with dreams, I have often seen this type of construction or method used by the subconscious to convey a message. You might think, why isn’t the message just stated in the dream? As I have said before, the subconscious operates through associations. It found a word that it associated with the message and incorporated it into the dream. Also, I think the subconscious has another purpose as well. We learn and grow by exercising our consciousness, b

Dream Symbols

In my posts, I have talked about dream symbols and provided some examples of their possible meaning, especially about dreams of one’s physical health. Now it is time to explore further the meaning of symbols and the encoding of messages within a single name or word in a dream. In the construction of dreams your subconscious is extremely creative. Often what appear to be straightforward messages are not and contain hidden meanings. The subconscious works with associations and has at its disposal all of your thoughts and experiences to draw upon. As an example, consider the following. During my early years of searching for meaning, which included beginning to work with my dreams, I was struggl

Remembering Your Dreams

I offer the following suggestions to those having difficulty remembering their dreams. First, and most important, you have to want to remember your dreams. And you must believe that you can and expect positive results. Once you have the desire, make sure you have a regular sleep pattern with an adequate amount of sleep. You also need to pay attention to your diet. Certain foods and drugs can cause you to have nightmares, as the body consciousness responds to what it perceives is an assault. After you have ensured you have a good diet and are not on strong medications, you should purchase a notebook along with a pen or pencil that you keep by your bed. You can also use a recorder as an altern

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