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Discovering Your Soul's Purpose Through Dreams

You can discover your soul’s purpose through your dreams. Some of you, as I did, may have questioned why you are here. You may have asked yourself, what is my purpose in being on this earth? What am I supposed to do? The answer may not be simple and may involve your family members, friends, and occupation, as well as how you view life and deal with challenges in your life. So don’t expect a single dream to give you the answer. You may have several dreams with a bearing on what you came here to accomplish. In my case, I had several past life dreams that had a direct bearing on my current life. They provided insight into my personality and interaction with other people and events. They explain

Comments on the Value of Dreams

I am going to discuss finding your soul’s purpose through dreams. However, before doing that, I would like to make some general comments concerning the value of dreams. One of the motivating factors in my decision to write my book was my observation of the incredible misery that I saw every day, much of which could have been avoided if people were in touch with their inner self. Through our accepted five senses, we experience the material world in a variety of ways, but this does not provide the complete picture. To see the complete picture we need to listen to our inner self, which is revealed through intuition, dreams, and visions. If we cut ourselves off from this aspect of ourselves, we

Interview on WGSO New Orleans

Today, at 10:30 CST, I was interviewed on WGSO 990 AM New Orleans. This was one of the better interviews in terms of the questions asked.

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