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I am a writer of both non-fiction and fiction, now retired from the corporate world where I held various management positions in a high-tech company. For many years my passion has been the metaphysical, which culminated in my first published book about dreams. The book tells the story of how I came to see each day's significant events in my life unfold in my dreams from the previous night. I believe my personal experience validates the claim made by the famous 20th-century psychic Edgar Cayce that every significant event in a person's life is "foreshadowed" in a dream. In my waking life, the order of the events usually corresponds to the order in the dreams. I also describe through concrete examples how I used dreams that were not precognitive to improve my life in numerous ways. There is more about this book, my second book (The Inner Guru), and my latest book (A Prophetic Dreamer's Reflections on Life) under BOOKS and BIO.


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The Man Who Sees Tomorrow in His Dreams

Clock Tower in Bern Switzerland

The famous clock tower in Bern was the focus of some of Albert Einstein's thought experiments that laid the foundation for his special theory of relativity. After publication of Einstein's theory, time would no longer be absolute and universal, but became dependent on the observer's motion in relation to an event. The experience of time and the duration of events became subjective. In dreams, time becomes even more open and plastic, with the future created in the present of the dream. The past, present, and future all exist in the now.


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